Nov 4, 2010

My PC has broken...

I broke my MacBook 2 weeks ago.
I like it but the repare cost is too high. I can get new PC with it.
So I'm looking for new one now.
I'm writing this post using my husband's PC.

Miyu and I caught cold these days, but were doing well.
This weekend her grandparents come to see her. We should get better by then.

Miyu grows very well.
Now she smiles and talk to me a lot.
We go to a place where babies and mothers of the same area meet and play together.
It's a good place for me because I don't have friends who have baby near me.
It's also a good place for Miyu. She can only stay there but she watches other babies all the time curiously.

About the chamber pot, every morning she gets up earlier than us and uses her chamber pot at first (* v *)!!!!
In the daytime, I can notice her sign only 5-6 times a day.

When I get new PC, I'll show you some recent pictures.

See you!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey there Mai, great to know Miyu's progress. Can't wait for the new pictures. Enjoy motherhood
Mena (*v*)

helena frontini said...

Glad to have your notices. Have nice days whit your beautiful daugther. Kisses from Portugal.

Joan's Good Life said...

They grow so quickly don't they? Enjoy each day and feel better soon! ;-)

Lisa said...

You know, Mai - I work in a library, and someone I know borrowed a book which teaches sign language for babies, so you can communicate with them before they can speak. Have you seen any books like that in Japan?

Yummy Lavender said...

All this sounds absolutely divine - I would love to know what goes on in the head of babies who get together at mums and toddlers group!

Alexandra said...

Good luck finding a new computer! I can't wait to see more picture of Miyu. :)

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet Mai, so sorry to hear about your pc! I hope you get one replace soon! Have a lovely merry happy weekend with you lovely daughter and sweet hubby! Love to you and yours!

Nikki said...

Konnichi-wa! Mai, I found your blog while trying to find information on fabric origami for a quilting project I am trying to finish. I lived in Japan for 3 years (near Tokyo) many years ago, but miss it and the Japanese people very much. I use my grandmother's Featherweight Singer sewing machine to make prayer quilts (, but I have found that I really enjoy the handwork involved. Your handwork photos and directions are very well done. I am completing this project for a contest our quilt guild is having. I always seem to use a Japanese theme because I enjoy the Japanese culture and art so much! Hope this finds you and your little one feeling much better. I only went to Yokohoma one time as I was flying to Iwo Jima on a tour. --Nikki B. in Al, USA

natyatamarina said...

Hi Mai, so sorry about your MacBook, I hope you'll get replacement soon, can't wait to read your new post :-P. And I wanted to tell you that I just started to write my own blog, thanks to you. If you have time please come to visit, it's Cheers..

Anonymous said...

that cute little, the god will take good care
I am a follower of your blog are from Monterrey Mexico
and I love what your hands Haes


Tininha said...


It's always good to have news from you. Hope you two get well soon!

flor de otoño said...


iammarie said...

Hi Mai!

I am Marie from the Philippines and I am so glad to bump into your blog! You are one amazing woman! :) I hope to be really friends with you. I would love to learn more of your VERY VERY artistic side.

I want to be as artistic as you but unfortunately, I am not as hardworking and patient in art like you. But I love reading your blogs and I am really interested to learn.

I am a wife and a mother. I have a two year old little girl named Mikaela Corrine. We call her Mika. One thing that I like about you is that you really made a lot of effort in making stuff for your baby like clothes and other things. I really love the dresses and the mobile!!!! :)

At present, I do freelancing online. It's the best job I know so I can be a full time mom to my growing child. Me and my high school friends are starting an online shop. I'll send to you the link to our online shop privately (but I don't have your email. or Do u have a Facebook account?). We are still looking for product to sell here in our country. Our online store will sell products mainly for moms and kids. That is why I have bumped into your blog because I have searched for links on how to use scrap fabrics. We are hoping to sell some stuff using our scrap fabrics.

I AM SO HAPPY to have found your blog. :D

Love from,

PS: please send my hugs and kisses to Tomato / Miyu. :)

Xanax said...

It is bad news. I hope you will fix it... said...

A friend told me about you blog! You do really nice things!
Congratulations for the baby :-)

My work you can see here:

Nice greetings, Anne

Sumire Craft すみれ手芸 said...

I love to read comments of the blogs and that's how I jump into this creative blog of yours. Hajimemashite..
I am Angeline Yoshiko from Penang, Malaysia. Pictures of Japan bring back lots of memories to me but so far, I haven't been to Yokohama.
I love to shop at Yuzawaya too. Been to the one at Urawa...I think so, near Saitama and Sannomiya.
I do lots of crafts and enjoy every moment of it. Nice to know you.
Sumire Craft

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