Dec 12, 2009

How to make a hana coaster

I made these flower coasters these days.
Hana coaster
I made them with Japanese cotton and linen fabrics. I put low profile batting in the body and stuffing in the center circle.

This is the way how I made them.

At first, I made two patterns for flower and the center circle.
How to make a hana coaster 1
The flower measures approx. 4.5 inches square. I usually handwrite patterns on recycled paper(* v *). The center circle pattern should be with thick paper to make the applique better.

How to make a hana coaster 2
I cut the fabrics as the patterns plus 0.5 inches allowance. One circle, two flowers and a batting as the size of the flower(I cut it roughly).

Make the center circle.
How to make a hana coaster 3
Sew the edge line roughly with running stitch. And put the circle pattern on it and pull the thread.

How to make a hana coaster 4
Make the circle shape and iron it. Then, remove the pattern.

How to make a hana coaster 5
Put the circle on the linen fabric and sew them together using blind stitch leaving a space to put stuffing.

How to make a hana coaster 6
I left 1-1.25 inches space.

How to make a hana coaster 7
Put the stuffing from the opening.

How to make a hana coaster 8
Close the opening using blind stitch. I'm sorry but I put too much stuffing in this and I cannot put my cup on the coaster stable. So I took away some stuffing after.

How to make a hana coaster 9
Put them like the picture, batting, top fabric(making the right side up) and the under fabric(making the right side downward).

How to make a hana coaster 10
Then sew the pattern line leaving 1.5 inches space to turn it out. And cut a little the five pitted areas(See the picture).
How to make a hana coaster 11

How to make a hana coaster 12
Turn it out.

How to make a hana coaster 13
And close the opening with blind stitch.

How to make a hana coaster 14
Stitch on it with Sashiko cotton embroidery thread. It's a thick thread so I used only one thread. I used running stitch around the circle.

How to make a hana coaster 15
And I used whipstitch on the edge.
I finished it!
Hana coaster
Now I know I cannot put too much stuffing in the center circle (* v *).

I made these charms too. They are the petit gifts for my customers.
Petit gift for customers

Have a good weekend (* v *)!!!!


Crafty Cripple said...

These are so cute. The charms will be cooed over I am sure..

Jewel said...

You are so generous to give a tutorial on your lovely creations. I would love to make some of these for my friends for Christmas.

casserole said...

Beautiful as always!! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


the nest said...

my daughter, 5, is named Hana. i will make some of these for her play kitchen. thank you!

monicc said...

I'm Monica to Milan Italy
december 16 Il make a post about your tutorial in my blog.

Mom Wald said...

What lovely little flowers and charms. Making your own patterns is a real talent.

Little Treasures said...

This is such a lovely tutorial
Thank you for sharing! I admire your stitching skills!

Becky said...

Love these Mai! You are so very creative. Thank you for sharing.

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Lady Caroline said...

Very nice! I love your tutorials. Thank you!

Farida said...

Wow love the tea coasters.......
I'm ur big fan.....i love your work
Thanx for sharing

Anonymous said...

Good idea Mai.
I'll will try them, as they're small projects :)
All the best for the new year

Mena :)

Otete said...

Thank you Mai for this great tutorial! It was very easy to follow and fun to make!

Issabela said...

Dear friend.
I am Spanish and I see your blog for a long time. I want to send some Spanish fabrics for your design, as proof of my friendship.
If you wish to receive them can you send your address to my e-mail:

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Hey_Soul_Sister said...

Awww! These are so cute!! :D I'm going to give them a try sometime.

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