Dec 4, 2009

Crochet with fabric tapes

Fabric tapes
Yesterday I made some fabric tapes.
I only cut fabric in 1cm strips width with rotary cutter knife. At the each end I leave 1cm to make long tape.
Sakiori, Fabric tape

I made it with some colors and made up these items.
Items from fabric tapes

At first, I made these brooches.
Bow brooch with a button
I only folded some colors of tapes together on a piece of thick paper(of the width of bow), made the shape of bow, sewed the center and put a button.
Bow brooch with a button
Then I put a pin on the back. Is it too easy... ?

Fabric crochet pot holder
I also hand crocheted this potholder with single crochet.
It's also easy but I didn't crochet recently so I took long time...
Fabric crochet pot holder

Fabric crochet scrunchie
At the last I made this scrunchie.
I hand crocheted the fabric tapes on a looped elastic. But the elastic was too long and I took long time for it too.
Fabric crochet scrunchie

But I made them all in one day (* v *)!!!!
Because it rained, I didn't run yesterday and could enjoy making them.

Thank you for advices for me. I enjoy my jogging and my hand craft.


Colibri tejedor said...

hola, preciosas tus creaciones.... me encantó la combinación de colores.... siempre todo bello.
cariños y que tengas un buen fin de semana.

Pierrot le Fou said...

amazing! you are wonderfully talented!

Becky said...

Again you impress me with your fabulous talents! Such cute things you made.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, what a wonderful idea. I thought of it some time back, but never tried to crochet material.

Yesterday I bought some cotton materials. Will try them

I love crocheting too. Looks like we have some things in commen eh?

Good weekend to you Mai

Mena :)

Jace said...

Oh, I love your crochet pot holder! Fantastic idea! I'm going to try that with my fabric scraps. :)

carolaluciole said...

It's very nice and a very good idea.
Good week end to you.

Victoria said...

On my last free day i bought a piece of linen .Now i know why you love sewing on it ^.^.

Anonymous said...

In France we call it "lirette" and it was used to make bathroom carpets.It was crocheted in cicle beginning in the center.You can make a round or square one.Y.S

jojoebi said...

what cute ideas, I can't crochet though :o(

I did use your Sarubobo tutorial and put him on a stocking, you can see him here



Paulina Baeza said...

hi very cute your blog,greetings from Chile.

. said...

I love your blog! Your creations are always beautiful.
I´m a begginer, and I´ve tried some of your tutorials. They´re great!

. said...

I love your blog! Your creations are always beautiful.
I´m a begginer, and I´ve tried some of your tutorials. They´re great!

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