Nov 1, 2009

What I got these days

Last week, I got a package from Kris, a winner of my giveaway.

She sent me these beautiful cotton fabrics.
I love them all, and soon after I opened the package, I started to make a pouch with them.
Fabrics from Kris

I usually don't get such chic fabrics, so I just watched them for a while.
I really enjoyed playing with them (* v *)!!!!
Pleated Bane pouch

I felt they matched this feminine style.
Pleated Bane pouch

But their bottom is comical (* v *).
Pleated Bane pouch

And I got another package from a lady who got my pouch.
She sent me these beautiful scraps.
Fabrics from Mona

And this cute pouch.
Pouch from Mona

I couldn't stop seeing them for a while.

Then, I found my favorite piece.
Fabrics from Mona
It's like Mt. Fuji.
I want to applique it as the mountain. It should be beautiful.

And yesterday, when I walked with my boyfriend, I found a textile shop.
They have beautiful fabrics for interior(most of them are for curtains).
Fabric pieces from a Textile shop
I chose them from their sample scraps. I love the butterfly pattern one the best.
Im happy to get new fabrics even if they are very small pieces.

Today, I got this lace.
I found it in a lingerie shop.
I think this is good with this brown linen fabric.

Now I'm thinking how I use them. It's the happiest time for me.


Graka said...

yeah, think of how to use a beautiful fabric is funny for me too!! *_*

Peter Lynn said...

Hehe, the end parts of those pouches look so pouncy! CUTE!!~

And you got those laces from a lingerie shop? H-how...
Don't they sell underwear only? Or is it different in Japan?

helena said...

What a beautiful fabrics you've got there! The bags are wonderful!!

evie said...

i like your handmade goodies very much!!

Wynn said...

i'm also looking at my fabric thinking of what to do next... maybe hexagon coasters like what you sewed last time? ^_^

mairuru said...

Hello Peter Lynn,
They usually sell only underwear. But this time they are closing their shop and had some lace. So I got it in very reasonable price (* v *)!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your new pouches
Your friends are generous to share lovely fabrics with you

I can "feel" your excitement and joy in your handiwork


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