Apr 25, 2009

I have lots of idea !!!!!

Two new ideas came up to my head and I made them yesterday. It rained a lot yesterday, so I couldn't go out and I had lots of time to play with fabrics.

Onigiriman pouch
Onigiriman pouch
The one is onigiriman(rice ball man) pouch, which my boyfriend named from the shape.
I got the white fabric in an online shop with very low price (* v *). It's very good fabric with Sashiko embroidery thread.
Onigiriman pouch

The other one is a cat pouch. I imaged it while I was sleeping and as soon as I got up, I drew the pattern.
Sitting cat pouch
Sitting cat pouch
I liked the shape very much.
I'm happy with this fine quality fabric to sew.
Sitting cat pouch

Oh, I used American cotton on this pouch which my friend, Emishimosato sent me.
Onigiriman pouch
Thank you very much !!!!!

Now, I'm making new pattern of coasters. Today, it's very windy day, so maybe I don't go out...


Jacqueline said...

Mai, these are lovely cute ideas!! Your a busy bee and im glad your having a nice weekend at home! Love to you!

Potiron said...

ADORABLE!!!! And all that in one day!!! amazing!!!

keep it up!!!

handmade romance said...

both of these are very adorable. I love cats so Im especially loving that little pouch!!

Y.H said...

Hello! I found your blog from whip up. I love your works! You did a wonderful job. I look forward to seeing more of your creation.

andrea said...

Those are just the cutest....:)

tracy said...

oh my goodness- these are sooo cute! i love them! excellent ideas- i agree, "all that in one day!" high five!!! hooray!

mairuru said...

Thank you very much for your comments. I'm happy to show you (* v *)!!!!!

three buttons said...

Sooo CUTE!!! I love your new cat design!!

I have linked to you from my blog, with a link to your how to make a quilted furoshiki, I'm going to make one for my giveaway.

I love your blog :)

Eleonor said...

Your ideas are great and lovely! Thanks for sharing them with us. And thank you for your tutorial "how to make a quilted furoshiki" - I saved it, because here in Austria furoshikis are unknown and I first learned about them in the internet and I love them. Best wishes

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