Mar 18, 2008

Tokyo Tower AND Zojoji

Last week I went to Tokyo tower with my friend.
It was sunny day and there were some beautiful cherry blossoms and ume(plum) blossoms.
I like their pink color against the sky.

Near Tokyo tower, there is a famous temple named "Zojoji", built in 1393.
I like this photo with both buildings.

We went on the belvedere of the Tokyo Tower.
It cost 800 yen! I think it is too expensive. Because with this 800 yen, we can go only second highest floor. To go up the highest floor, we should pay another 600 yen...
So, we went only the second floor.
But the sight from there was adorable. We could see most parts of Tokyo.

There is a little part of glass floor to see under our foot.It's unique!

After the walk, we went by a small japanese style bar to drink beers.
It was so nice!


Anonymous said...

Wow .. I've heard a lot about the Japanese Cherry blossoms.
The city with all the buildings reminds of my own country, Malaysia
Lovely flowers ... yummy food too

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