Mar 24, 2008

I was ill last week.

I had a high fever last week. It was terrible.
I had a plan to go for a trip with my boyfriend and would have met many people of far places. I would have met my grandmother.
But I couldn't even go out from my house.

And I could sew few items last week. It's a big stress for me. When I began to sell my works on ETSY shop, almost every day I sew something.

Now, I've got over my illness, I can sew again!
At first, I made two sewing pouches with japanese kimono fabrics.
The shape of them is what I thought in my bed.


Anonymous said...

I notice that you get lots of ideas when you're in bed. Good for you wasting time eh?
So wonderful to make things that you think of and then share them and sell them

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