Feb 28, 2008

I'm going to go to California.

I'm planning to go to California this summer, with my boyfriend.
We'll travel for about 3 months around San Francisco.
I want to see some people who I met on the etsy site, if I can.

Today I made a luggage tag for my suitcase.
I chose my favorite fabric, a baby printed japanese cotton.
I put a large button to close it.

Because I want to hide my name and address for security, I put card holder within two quilts.

This spring, I'll make some travel goods.


Ravenhill said...

I am still reading and so happy with these lovely small quilted things you are making! This luggage tag holder is so cute with the little man on it!
-Emily in Norway

Anonymous said...

Very creative. I bought a luggage tag .... didn't think of making one!
Thanks for sharing this

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